Dreyfuss & Co

Dreyfuss & Co, originally known as the Dreyfuss Fils Watch Company was established by René Dreyfuss in 1925. René was a master horologist who has an eye for perfection and devoted his life to the art of watch making. He began creating a stunning range of gents and ladies timepieces and believed that the movement of the watches should be seen and this was shown in his work. In 1953, René’s hard work and passion for watch making was recognised by museums and his Neuchâteloises clocks became the main attraction. He retired in 1974 while occasionally returning to the office to provide advice and support.

In 2005, the Dreyfuss & Co brand was born, created by Robert Dreyfuss and inspired by the work of his late ancestor René. Nowadays, the Dreyfuss & Co brand is recognised all over the world for it’s unique, swiss and hand-made watch styles. Dreyfuss & Co guarantee water resistancy with their Seafarer stamp which is now available on all models except their 18ct gold range and the watches are made from the highest quality parts using the best technology.

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